Careers at Cathodic Protection Solutions LLC

We are a cathodic protection and corrosion engineering business for the preservation of oil and gas infrastructure. Our greatest strength is the exceptional quality of our people. We hire, develop and retain a talented and diverse workforce.

Committed to the long term success of our employees, we provide an exciting career and personal growth for those with a passion for cathodic technology and synergistic partnerships.

Please see the below career opportunities at CPS.

Seeking Engineer

We are seeking an Engineer to join the Engineering field team in Midland, Texas. A Bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Engineering or related field is required for this position. The Engineer is responsible for planning, evaluating and scheduling all cathodic protection activities including final reporting.

  1. All activities related to corrosion control and pipeline integrity.
  2. Model or quantitatively assess pipeline corrosion and crack growth with in-depth knowledge of corrosion and mechanisms.
  3. Design, install, operate, and maintain cathodic protection facilities, power lines, galvanic anodes and internal corrosion control programs.
  4. Examine pipe-to-soil potentials, visual inspection, weight loss coupons and program data from in-line software tools.
  5. Examine electrical isolation, identify electrical shorts.
  6. Perform testing, measurements and surveys for operational efficiency of the cathodic protection facility.
  7. Produce Engineering Reports on fluid management.
  8. Document for regulatory compliance and operational procedures.
  9. Prepare drawings, job specifications and contracts.
  10. Assess metal loss, stress corrosion and cracking.
  11. Perform coating inspections and Atmospheric surveys.
  12. Assist with State and Federal inspections.


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