Bond Box and Junction Box Manufacture | Installation

Since 1991, Cathodic Protection Solutions for expert bond box and junction box design, manufacture and installation, rectifier installation and repair. We serve Midland, Permian Basin and committed to 100% customer satisfaction.

Our highly qualified technicians are local residents reducing the cost of operations and improving the quality of application while other service companies include the cost of relocation and temporary housing. Going home at night ensures our technicians arrive to work on time, rested and ready for work.

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) defines manufacturing standards for electrical enclosures including cathodic bond boxes and junction boxes. The rating depends on the enclosure type with the most common NEMA ratings below.

  • NEMA 3R is designed for outdoor use protecting the inside components from rain, dust, sleet and the formation of ice in freezing temperatures. The NEMA 3R does not use gaskets and is not air tight.
  • NEMA 4X is completely sealed from water, can be used indoor or outdoor and provides corrosion protection from dust, water and ice in freezing temperatures. The NEMA 4X rating also uses a gasket for an airtight seal and may not be best for heat generating components.

midland cathodic bond boxes cathodic bond boxes in midland tx

Cathodic Bond Box Design, Manufacture and Installation

We design a wide variety of custom bond boxes to meet all cathodic protection requirements as defined by AMPP, ISN and Master Evaluator certifications. A detailed analysis is performed onsite with the customer to design the best bond box solution and installation. All customer requirements are included in the design.

Enclosures are selected based on the natural elements at the location and can be made from galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum, powder coated steel, polycarbonate and fiberglass. Ample size will allow easy access to the circuits and connections.


midland cathodic bind boxes cathodic bond boxes in midland tx

Cathodic Junction Box Design, Manufacture and Installation

We design and manufacture junction boxes to survive the elements. Assembly material include .001Ω stainless steel, galvanize enclosures, non-metallic enclosures, insulated panels, copper bus bar, 0.01Ω JB shunts, V50MV SW shunts, resistors, rheostats, adjustable resistors, meters, switches, blocking diodes and copper terminal lugs. Junction box mounting options include pole mount channel, wall mount tabs, or using custom client mounting requirements.

We manufacture superior anode junction boxes using client custom requirements and specifications to consolidate impressed current anode cables to monitor anode amp drains or current, which complete the cathodic protection with a cathodic rectifier.

Anode cables are routed through current measurement shunts and terminated on a common copper buss bar with a positive cable routed directly to the cathodic protection rectifier. Cathodic protection junction boxes provide a termination point for multiple anode cables before routing to the cathodic protection rectifier.


cathodic junction boxes in midland tx midland cathodic junction boxes

midland cathodic junction boxes cathodic junction boxes in midland tx

Rectifier Installation & Repair Service

We custom order and install cathodic protection rectifiers including remote monitoring equipment, remote monitoring interrupters, test stations and junction boxes. In operation, the output DC negative is connected to the protected pipeline, the rectifier DC positive is connected to the anode junction box, and after powering up, the cathodic protection rectifier uses impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP). We take rectifier readings acquiring the D/C volts and D/C amps and provide this information to our clients on monthly or bi-monthly basis. Also, we repair or otherwise service and certify all rectifier parts and functions.

For a consultation, please call (432) 230-6955 or Request a Proposal.