About Cathodic Protection Solutions, LLC

Cathodic Protection Solutions LLC is a corrosion control company headquartered in Midland, Texas, founded by Joe Gallo Jr. in 1991. Mr. Gallo’s passion for cathodic protection began in his early twenties when he started working in the oil pipeline fields of West Texas. After serving in the United States Marine Core reserves, where he was deployed to the Middle East during the Iraq war, Mr. Gallo continued to demonstrate his innovative passion for cathodic protection and was awarded a research and development contract to engineer technological improvements in internal pipeline programs.

Today, Cathodic Protection Solutions LLC boasts a team of AMPP certified corrosion experts who specialize in cathodic system design, installation, monitoring, cathodic protection surveys, atmospheric surveys, pipeline coating inspections, ISN contractor services, custom cathodic equipment repair and manufacturing, and the Excalibur Shield Internal Corrosion Program (US Patent No. 10337979).

Cathodic Protection Solutions LLC is dedicated to providing 100% customer satisfaction by always delivering courteous and responsive service. The company’s products are the result of careful listening to customer requirements, addressing all safety, environmental, and regulatory requirements.

Mr. Gallo’s certifications include AMPP Coating Inspector Level 3, AMPP Corrosion Technologist, AMPP Internal Corrosion for PipelinesEnergy Worldnet Master Evaluator and Veriforce Evaluator. The company’s onsite consultants, who are also AMPP certified, are responsible for corrosion control programs, pipeline inspection, surveys, and remote monitoring of pipelines and storage tanks for major oil and gas companies.

Cathodic protection is a critical component in preventing corrosion and metal loss in pipelines and crude oil storage tanks. Cathodic Protection Solutions LLC uses a complex network of rectifiers and buried anodes to provide a specific voltage covering the metal surface of the pipeline to prevent corrosion. The network of cathodic protection components is monitored using test points, rectifiers and are inspected Bi-monthly and annually for proper operation. Regular inspections reduce exposure time to failed conditions, corrosion, and unrecoverable metal loss in the pipeline.

Cathodic Protection Solutions LLC’s clients include major oil and gas companies such as Advantage PL, Alpha Crude Connectors, Ameredev, American Midstream, Beata Crude Connectors, Brazos Midstream, Canyon James Lake & Grerson Springs, Carrizo Permian, Chevron, Concho, ConocoPhillips, Diamondback, Energy Transfer, Enterprise, Frontier, Kaiser Francis, Kinder Morgan, Kinder Morgan El Paso, Kinetik, LPC Crude, Medallion, Navitas, Noble Midstream, PennTex Permian LLC, Plains All American, Plains Marketing, Reliance, Slant, Tema Oil and Gas, Turpin Engineering, Vaquero Midstream, Vitol, West Texas Gas (WTG), WhiteWater Midstream, Vaquero Midstream.

Additionally, you can view the Association of Materials Protection and Performance (AMPP) video presentation on pipeline corrosion by Joe Gallo Jr. and Sagar Patil: The Excalibur Shield, along with more informative videos such as Company Overview, MIC, Case Study, Weight Loss Coupons, and Excalibur Shield Overview Click here to view or download our Cathodic Protection Company Brochure.

For more information, please call (432) 230-6955.

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