Seeking Corrosion Technicians

We are hiring entry level corrosion technicians for work right now! No experience is necessary, must be able to follow directions, operate on your own, have good communication and drive a truck.

The corrosion technician will receive on the job training, further career education for a Corrosion Engineer and increased pay based on personal development. We are committed to training and further education for all employees that are committed to the company for the long term. Compensation is determined according to the present skills and education possessed with the opportunity for an increase in income.

Responsibilities include:
  1. Operate on your own and have good communication.
  2. Drive a truck and operate standard machinery.
  3. Activities related to corrosion control and pipeline integrity.
  4. Perform testing and measurements using cathodic tools.
  5. Document for regulatory compliance and operational procedures.
  6. Assess metal loss, stress corrosion and cracking.
  7. Assist with State and Federal inspections.


To Submit an Application

To submit and application, please complete the below form and email a resume to: